Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Application Status: Done

Woo! No more applications! I just sent in all of the contracts for my Morocco application today. All I needed was a signature from the study abroad office and it took a week for it to finally happen. But it is all done! No more applications!! Well, for now anyways. I also got my t-shirt and first packet from USAC for India and I should get my housing assignment soon.

It is all becoming more real, but still really far away. I leave for Morocco (hopefully!) in 6 months and four days (186 days) and I leave for India in 10 months and 12 days (316 days). Too long!! I want to go now!! However, if you talk to me in 6 months I'll probably be whining about how I need more time and want to leave later... C'est la vie!

Bon Voyage,

Erika America

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  1. We need to make these days MEANINGFUL!!! What are you doing for summer? Going back home I assume????