Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Down, One to Go

Well, I got into the Morocco program. Yay, me! However, I'm having a difficult time being happy or excited. I am glad that I got into both of my programs, but when I talk about them, you sure as hell can't tell. I guess to an extent, I'm not allowing myself to be excited. I still have two months until I find out about the Boren scholarship. If it doesn't work out, Morocco is over, that's all there is to it. I'll go to India regardless, but it is too far away to really get excited. Morocco is much closer but any excitement I feel could be gone within two months. I cannot really get attached to the idea of going to Morocco. If I start making plans and buying guidebooks, a rejection letter from the NSEP would be a major blow. That is definitely the downside of my study abroad plan. I spend two months in limbo, trying to get things ready for either possibility, but never becoming fully emotionally invested in either. Well, stay tuned.

On a lighter note, I did go shopping last weekend at Indian Imports on Broadway and bought an outfit for India. I spent more than I should have, but the pants are just so cool and so not easy to find in the U.S. that I couldn't resist. I'll have to model it sometime so I can post some pictures. Bye.

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