Thursday, February 19, 2009

Passport Photos

Has anyone ever taken a good passport photo? I don't seem to have any luck. My original passport picture makes me cringe. I was 16, 15 pounds heavier, I had a spray tan left over from a pageant, and a zit. It is a time in my life that no one wants to remember. So, this time I thought it would be different. I had to get another picture taken to send in with my contracts for India. I made sure that my hair looked good and my makeup was done and thought it would be okay. Of course not... The camera that the woman used is one of those that takes forever to take a picture. I smiled, she pressed the button. The shutter closed, I dropped my smile, and the flash went off. So my picture is me with this weird smile that kind of looks like I'm puckering my lips while trying to smile. Not very flattering. Oh well...
On the bright side, I'm not horrified by this one. Instead of feeling embarrassed, every time I see the new picture I can't help but laughing. What a dork! I think we are all destined to take horrible ID photos so I might as well accept it and laugh at myself.

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  1. When I went to Japan, I had to submit like 5 pictures with my application. In those pictures, I look like a homeless person. And what's worse, it was put on my student ID for Japan, so it was always with me!!! SCARY!!!