Thursday, October 22, 2009

Closer and Closer, Longer and Longer

In two months and three weeks I will be in Bangalore! I actually sent in my reservation form for my flight to Bangalore last week (and I assume they received it). My first payment is due on November 1st. It is really happening! Everyday brings be closer and closer to arrival, which I will now refer to as B-Day. I've also noticed that every day my To Do list grows longer and longer. Every couple of hours I remember something that I have to do or have to buy. Instead of doing it, I often just write in down and freak out the next day when I realize that it still needs to be done (not a very efficient system, I know). At least I finally found a job, so now I have money for everything.

I have to send in my visa application soon, which makes me very nervous. I wish the Indian embassy was in Spokane so I could apply in person. Why anyone would put an embassy in Spokane is beyond me; I just don't like sending important documents in the mail. My luck isn't great and that just feels like I'm taunting fate. "Hey Fate, I dare you to lose my passport, personal information, and birth certificate in the mail!" I'm sure it will be fine. I need to trust the people at UPS/FedEx/the Post Office.

As B-Day moves closer and my list grows longer, I'll have so much more to say. Until then, bon voyage!!

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