Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sitting in Bed, Mourning my Losses

In an ideal world, I would be in Spain right now, getting ready to leave the ISA orientation for Meknes, Morocco. In a less-than-ideal-but-still-ok world, I would be working so that I can go back to school and travel some more. Well kids, this is not an ideal world. This is not even a less-than-ideal-but-still-okay world. Instead, I am sitting in my room, looking at the want ads in the paper, and waiting for fate to favor me for once.

Have you ever wondered if you took a wrong path in life? Not a regret really, but more of a dark suspicion that you made a decision that ruined everything. That might be a little over dramatic, but my plans have failed so badly that I wonder if I messed up somewhere. If this isn't my destiny, what is? I just want to scream at the universe, "Don't just step on me, guide me!"

I guess I just have to keep on truckin'. Now that the option of Morocco is gone for good and going back to school can't happen right now, I have nowhere else to go. I'm stuck and all I can do is keep pushing forward and hope that some higher power rewards my efforts.

Well my lovelies, that is all for now. Hopefully I'll have some more cheerful things to say next time. Ta ta.

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  1. I guess what you have to do is remember that this time might not be a curse, but a blessing. Enjoy doing something you could only do in the situation you are in now.